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Sarah Russler is a wife and a mother to four amazing children. She is a personal trainer through NASM, a certified Postnatal Fitness Specialist, and a Level 1 participant in The Female Athlete: Core & Pelvic Floor.  

Sarah enjoys Jesus, staying active with her family, enjoying her local community, and cheering on other women whether inside or outside of her gym.

Pregnancy, from the beginning stages through the postpartum healing, can create an extreme physical strain on your body. At Fit Functional Motherhood, my goal is to help you train in functional movement patterns, with a focus on reconnecting with your core and pelvic floor muscles.

Whether you are leaking while exercising or during everyday life, suffering from core disconnection or diastasis recti, or you have specific fitness or weight loss goals, I would love to help you strengthen and improve your overall health, while teaching you cues to assist in connecting with your body.   

How I can help you?

Let’s meet your goals.

Group class rates are $70/month 2 classes per week or $85 unlimited. Sign up for 3 months at once and receive 10% discount.

Small group classes are one-hour in length and contain 5 women max (when in person).


Current personal one-on-one training requires a minimum of 8 (one-hour each) session commitment for $249.


Troubleshoot situations for that specific woman whether in movements or helping connect some dots. $55/session

These sessions are designed to be smaller in number of sessions.



Liz B.

“I never enjoyed working out until I started working out with Sarah.  We have been training together for the past 8 months.  Sarah has SOO much knowledge for postpartum mamas that is transformational for daily life by learning how to breathe and use different muscles of your pelvic floor properly.  The techniques she has taught me are things I use daily for getting my baby in and out of the car, and carrying groceries into the house.  I have learned to enjoy exercise with Sarah and she has given me confidence in what my body is capable of doing.  She is the best personal trainer and does an amazing job of meeting you where you are at physically and mentally, yet challenging you in small ways with each new work out!  All mamas need a trainer like Sarah!”

Jessica M.

“After having four babies, I was feeling ready to get my body back.  It had been nearly ten years since I had seen the inside of the gym, so I knew that I needed some help getting back to basics with my mama body.  Sarah helped meet me right where I was at and gave me all the knowledge and tools necessary to work out effectively.  I now have a community of amazing women to work out with and encourage each other.  I see and feel incredible physical results.  Most importantly, I feel confidence that I haven’t felt in a very long time.”

Marla H.

“As a busy mom of four, working out NEVER made it to my list of things to do.  After training with Sarah, I’ve gone from an ignorant nay-sayer to an empowered mom who is actually learning about her own body and what it can do.  Sarah’s approach is warm, informative, and challenging, and she has met me right where I’m at without ever making me feel small.  She’s made me see and believe that I can do hard things!”

Aubree D.

“Fit Functional Motherhood has been such a blessing to me!  Sarah has equipped me with several techniques that allow me to exercise as well as perform basic mobility more efficiently!  Connecting my breath to my abdominal muscles and my pelvic floor has been a mind blowing educational experience.  I definitely feel stronger and more confident in what my body can do without getting injured.  I am incredibly thankful and find it easy to recommend Sarah to any of my friends.”

Haily F.

“Before working with Sarah, I struggled with pelvic floor issues that not only affected the way I worked out but other areas in my life.  I honestly just thought, ‘well I had a baby and this is how my body works now.’  Society tells us to accept this lie.  Whether it’s leaking or diastasis weakness, it’s just part of motherhood they say.  In reality, it does NOT have to be this way! *Insert Sarah’s amazingness*  She has taught me how to use my pelvic floor muscles properly and to engage them correctly.  My mind was truly blow!  I no longer felt weak or broken.  I gained a whole new confidence with the body that was able to birth my son.  Now I am able to workout like I never thought I could!  Sarah has encouraged me to try new things…hard things…strong things…and has been there every step of the way!  In Sarah’s words, ‘YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK’, and with proper training it is so true!”

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