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So, what is this all about?  My desire is to help women become educated about their postpartum health.  I want to support and teach them how to reconnect with their bodies, with their core, and with their pelvic floor

I spent most of my life as an athlete. From soccer to basketball, volleyball to track, I never stopped.  As with many women, after having children my body changed, my goals changed, and my priorities changed.  

In 2012 I gave birth to two very healthy, very good-sized twin babies.  After the birth of my twins my body seemed to fall back into shape again, but I began to suffer severe lower back pain and often had a terrible heavy feeling in my vagina.  

It wasn’t until five years after the birth of my twins that a friend of mine, while discussing my symptoms, asked me, “Well, have you ever checked yourself for diastasis recti?” My life from there was forever changed.  I began down a rabbit hole of information on DRA, what it was, how to “heal” from it, and how to get my body back, etc.  It was overwhelming.  There was SO much information and 90% of it contradicted itself.  Some said you could heal, some said you couldn’t ever heal.  I felt very confused and very lost.

It was in 2018 that I stumbled across Jessie Mundell’s Core Restore program and decided I would take her Postnatal Fitness Academy program.  I was positively overwhelmed with so much new information and I couldn’t help but shout it all from the rooftops.  My friends, my family, and even my acquaintances were all deeply informed about pelvic and core health.  It became an ever-growing passion.  

I immediately found the nearest pelvic floor physical therapist and made an appointment.  From there I learned that while my diastasis was healing quite well, I had a couple different prolapses; one of which I believe I had worsened in the gym the year prior, and another that had was aggravated during a terrible bout of bronchitis.  From there I haven’t stopped learning and educating myself in the continual evolving world of pelvic health in exercise.  

I desire to help women find a safe exercise plan, while pushing their fitness boundaries and creating strong physical bodies because our children need strong, resilient moms that will be an active part of their lives for as long as possible.  I want to help build a community of women who help other women, support other women, and encourage other women.

My favorite things

FAVORITE WORKOUT: METCON style workouts (weights + cardio = love)

FAVORITE DRINK: Coffee! Or water.

FAVORITE PLACE TO TRAVEL: Anywhere tropical, but I also enjoy the mountains.


FAVORITE FOOD: Thai food or sushi.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Terrible romantic comedies, a well made Old Fashioned, and Trader Joe’s Spicy Cheese Crunchies…preferrably all together.

FAVORITE SPORT: I enjoy playing soccer or basketball with the kids, but I would never sit down and watch a soccer game.

How we can work together…

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Group Classes

Group class rates are $70/month 2 classes per week or $85 unlimited. Sign up for 3 months at once and receive 10% discount.

Personal Training

Current personal one-on-one training requires a minimum of 8 (one-hour each) session commitment for $249.

1:1 Consultation

These sessions are designed to be smaller in number of sessions and help troubleshoot situations for that specific woman whether in movements or helping connect some dots.


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